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Outline of ProgrammeX

Prof. dr. D.B.B. Rijsenbrij


An outline about

The design, development and deployment of ICT Systems
in the 21st Century


Author:  drs. Hans Goedvolk 
  Co-Authors:  ir. Ad Strack van Schijndel 
    drs. Victor van Swede 
    ing. Ron Tolido 
  Editor-in-Chief:  prof. dr. Daan Rijsenbrij


1. Introduction
2. The ICT Challenges
3. The role of ICT in the 21st Century
4. Competencies for the 21st Century
5. Web Enterprise Management
6. Business and ICT Transformation
7. Architecture
8. Component-based Development
9. Business and ICT Transformation

Table of Contents (detailed)

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