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Prof. dr. D.B.B. Rijsenbrij

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Chapter 3 The Role of ICT in the 21st Century

Goedvolk, J.G., Vision, The World of Tomorrow, Cap Gemini Nederland BV, 1995, (ISBN 90-801274-2-6)

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@BRINT, Premier Online Resource for Contemporary Business & Technology Executives
This site gives a lot of references about business & technology.
Interesting topics are virtual organisations, complex systems and knowledge management.

Coen, R., and Hoogenboom, M.C., Web-Enabled Applications Programmed on the Net: How to Become a Web-Enabled Enterprise, McGraw-Hill, 1998, (ISBN 0-07-011774-8)

Chapter 5 Web Enterprise Management

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Chapter 6 Business and ICT Transformation

Systems Transformation, SCOPE, Prorgamme Management and Gemini's A&D
See subject Systems Transformation at Emerging Planets Knowledge Server in the Cap Gemini Galaxy.

Gouillart, F.J.; Kelly, J.N., Transforming the Organization, McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1996, (ISBN 0070244928)

Chapter 7 Architecture

The Software Engineering Institute of Carnegie Mellon provides a lot of information about software architecture.

The IEEE Architecture Working Group (AWG) is developing standard IEEE P1471: Recommended Practice for Architectural Description. See also their Reading Room.

PrimaVera, Research Program in Information Management, Universiteit van Amsterdam.
PrimaVera is a research program aiming at the imaginative study of critical issues in Information Management, sometimes called Information Resource Management (thus I(R)M as acronym). IM is the research field investigating the management and use of information and information technology in and between organisations.

Integrated Architecture Framework (IAF) and Architectural Design (AD)
The subject Architecture at Snowball Knowledge Server in the Cap Gemini Galaxy provides information about these topics.

Bass, L., Clements, P. and Kazman, R., Software Architecture in Practice, Addison-Wesley, 1998, (ISBN 0-201-19930-0)

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See also Homepage and Systems Architecting page of Mark Maier.

Rechtin, E., Systems Architecting: Creating and Building Complex Systems, Prentice Hall, 1991, (ISBN 0-13-880345-5)

Software Architecture State of the Art
Overview of Software Architecture by Hans De Bruin, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Resources for Software Architecture
Software Architecture Links composed by Sylvia Schuurman, Technische Universiteit Delft

Demo, Dynamic Essential Modelling of Organizations
Actor-based Business Architecture, J.L.G. Dietz, Technische Universiteit Delft
See also Literature about Demo

KAoS: An Open Agent Architecture Supporting Reuse, Interoperability, and Extensibility
Jeffrey M. Bradshaw, Research and Technology, Boeing Information and Support Services

The @gency
Agent links composed by Serge Stinckwich, Université de Caen, France

Chapter 8 Component-based Software Development

CBD Forum (1997/1998). The Butler CBD Reference Model, East Yorkshire

Jacobson I., Griss M., and Jonsson P., Software Reuse : Architecture Process and Organization for Business Success, Addison-Wesley Pub Co, 1997, (ISBN 0201924765)

IBM San Francisco Project:
IBM's San Francisco site
An Overview of San Francisco by the D.H. Andrews Group

Chapter 9 The Delivery of Business and ICT Transformation

Krugten-Elgersma, P. van; Hoogenboom, M., ITC Gids, Iterative transformation cycles, een iteratieve ontwikkelaanpak, Academic Service, Schoonhoven, (ISBN 90-395-0868-2)


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