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Prof. dr. D.B.B. Rijsenbrij


Daan Rijsenbrij,

born at Amsterdam on November 23rd 1947, and living at Zeist, studied theoretical physics at the Free University of Amsterdam, taking his M.Sc. in 1970.

Until 1975 he worked at the Free University as a scientific officer at the Faculty of Mathematics and Sciences. During this period he was involved in designing and developing software, both in Algol '60 (on the X8 at the Mathematisch Centrum) and in Fortran, which was used for interpreting the research results of the department of experimental solid-state physics. This led to three publications.
He also performed research into simulation models with a view to being able to describe the behaviour of translation invariant structures with finite clusters. At the"Centre Européen de Calcul Atomique et Moleculaire" in Orsay (near Paris) he carried out a 7-month study under dr. Chuck B. Sommers into computer programs on an IBM 360/195, performing non-relativistic calculations on the energy levels of metals. He obtained his doctorate in theoretical solid-state physics under Prof. dr. A Lodder on March 20th 1975 with a dissertation entitled "A cluster description of a perfect crystal - a test on silver". His interest in IT is reflected not only in the large volume of software that he developed for his various studies but also in the theses in his doctorate dissertation.

Important role at Cap Gemini

In July 1975 he joined Cap, a subsidiary of the international IT consultancy Cap Gemini S.A. As a designer, he worked on large administrative/office applications. He has also been involved in developing user-oriented compilers. As an EDP auditor, he has also analysed a large number of different information systems and projects.

Over and above this, he has held a large number of management positions within the Cap Gemini group. Starting as a team leader, then IT project leader and then by way of interim information manager and account manager moving on to the position of Manager Professional & Technical Development at the Cap Gemini Nederland holding company (1987). Professional Development covers everything required to ensure that the professional skills of staff match market demand. Career paths have been drawn up with this aim in mind, underpinned by a training philosophy consisting of an introduction course, a second and a third level. Technical development covers the methods, techniques and tools for systems development, project management and quality assurance.

In the summer of 1990, following the merger of Cap Gemini Nederland and Pandata, Cap Gemini Pandata made initial preparations to upgrade the SDM2 methodology. After a preliminary study, the first activities were formally launched in 1991 in five key methodology areas: Information Policy and Planning, Project Management, Systems Development, Management and Quality Assurance. Daan Rijsenbrij's role was that of project manager and main architect. Following the merger of Cap and Volmac, these activities were continued in a slightly different setting. This exercise in methodology resulted in more than twenty books, most of them published by Academic Service.

Cap Gemini in the Benelux decided in the spring of 1997 that systems development should be handled in a radically different manner in the foreseeable future. The message driving this theme was : "application delivery must be reduced from nine months to nine weeks and perhaps even nine days". Under the working title of ProgrammeX Cap Gemini launched an ambitious research project to achieve this objective. As content manager, Daan Rijsenbrij shaped the direction of this plan.

Cap Gemini Institute

Daan has been a "corporate scientific officer" since January 1999, shaping the direction of the Cap Gemini Institute. This institute is the R&D unit, taking a pragmatic approach to translating such areas as IT Architecture, IT Security, Information & Knowledge as business resource, The Web as the common infrastructure, Component-based development, methodology, competence planning and strategy. He is also responsible within the Institute for the external profiling of Cap Gemini research.

Free University

Daan Rijsenbrij was appointed Extraordinary Professor of Business Informatics by the Stichting Het Vrije Universiteitsfonds at the Faculty of Exact Sciences, Mathematics and Informatics Division on January 1st 1993. He is charged with delivering a course of lectures in 'Introduction to Elementary Business Informatics", which sets out to provide an overview of IT matters at play in companies and the Government. Daan Rijsenbrij's field of research includes Architecture in IT.

Publicist and Speaker

Daan Rijsenbrij has collaborated on a large number of publications, both in Dutch and in other languages. He is regularly in the press and is much in demand as a speaker on a wide range of IT topics. His favourite topics are: IT Architecture, IT Philosophy, and The Principles of Business Informatics.

As Prof. Rijsenbrij sees it, the information age demands a new view of man in order for man to avoid being overwhelmed by the ever-swelling information flows and the ever more rapid chip. His own thinking is based on Ouspensky, Plato and Advaita Vendanta.

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