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Daan Rijsenbrij


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IT in business (1995)
Advanced solution development

 The great architectural challenges in the IT industry

•  Security (in particular of web-based systems)
  •  Disentanglement and reduction of complexity
  •  Faster application delivery
  •  Adoption of new technology
  •  Dismantlement of legacy systems
  •  Continuous alignment between business and IT
 The future is to Intelligent Organizations operating in
 Intelligent Environments

The ideal enterprise:
•  A fully IT-enabled (virtual) customer focused enterprise
  •  with a sound e-Business strategy
  •  supported by web-enabled knowledge management
  •  where information systems and infrastructure are continuously improved to meet user demands

The keys to competitive advantage:
•  seamless integration of business and IT
  •  ultra fast development and deployment of applications,
  •  enabled by the solid base of a future proof architecture
 The final business goal:  
An alert & agile enterprise in the internet age
 The final human goal:  
IT as enabler for "human brain power"
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